spidermanIf you have any doubts about what to get your kids for the upcoming holiday season, all you have to do is take a look at what is popular.

Spiderman toys are some of the most popular toys for kids and they really do not cost as much as other toys either.

Spiderman is one of the most popular Marvel comic characters there is.

Your kid, whether they are a boy or a girl will enjoy these toys. Lets take a look at 5 of them.


The Amazing Spider-Man Zoom N Go Spider Cycle Vehicle

Zoom N Go SpidermanThe evil guys will be able to try and get away, but they will be found quickly when Spider-Man snaps into action on his quick moving Spider Cycle.

Use this toy to put your Spider-Man action figure into action

at warp speed on his Zoom N Go Spider Cycle Vehicle.

All you have to do is put the figure on the seat, and then pull it back in order to get it revved up and let it loose. With this toy your Spider-Man action figure will have no problems catching up with wrongdoers.


The Amazing Spider-Man Hero FX Glove

Amazing Spider-Man Hero FX Glove If your kid puts on the Hero FX Glove they are going to feel just like the Amazing Spider-Man. The Hero FX Glove has a very realistic look to it. So kids will not be disappointed. It looks like it was taken straight from the costume that the web throwing her uses in order to conceal who he really is. The glove has the ability to make web battling noises when you move your hand like the Amazing Spider-Man. It also makes quick firing noises whenever the button is pushed. When your kid puts this Hero FX Glove on there is limits to how much fun they can have with it.



The Amazing Spider-Man Zoom N Go Turbo Cruiser Vehicle

 The Amazing Spider-Man Zoom N Go Turbo Cruiser VehicleThe bad guys are going to have a tough time getting away when Spider-Man goes after them on this fast moving Turbo Cruiser. You will be able to put your Spider-Man figure into action at high speeds on his Zoom  N Go Turbo Cruiser vehicle. Simply put the web throwing hero onto the seat, pull the vehicle back to get it revved up and then let it fly. Your Spider-Man figure is going to have no problems catching the bad guys and making them pay for their wrongdoings.


 The Amazing Spider-Man Figure

 The Amazing Spider-Man FigureA single bite from a spider that was radioactive was all it took in order to alter the life of Peter Parker. He was once a mild mannered college kid, and now he possesses super human powers. He can crawl up walls. He also has web slinging abilities. Your kid will be able to start the amazing wall crawling action with this fine detailed The Amazing Spider-Man figure. The figure looks just like the Marvel comics hero and his hands are in position to fire a web or simply get into action. Kids will be able to have a lot of fun with The Amazing Spider Man figure.


Electronic Web Talking Spider-Man

 Electronic Web Talking Spider-ManThis Spider-Man figure can speak and it makes a good companion for your small hero’s crime fighting adventures. It has little over 15 sounds as well as phrases it can use. The figure speaks and sounds exactly like the web slinging hero. All kids have to do is push the spider design in order to get it going and then it will be time to have some fun. This toy also can also help with things like Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Social and Emotional Development, Imagination and Cognitive Learning. It is made for kids 3 years of age or older.

Electronic Web Talking Spider-Man


  • Web Talking Spider-Man figure makes sounds and says phrases
  • Press the spider to activate sounds
  • Soft plush figure
  • Includes figure
And Now, how about the Ultimate
Spider-Man Toy ?

 Electro Web Spider Man

Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man

Electro-Web Spider-Man Figure


  • Electro-Web Spider-Man figure has light-up webs
  • Spinning web attack
  • More than 15 phrases and sounds
  • Includes figure and instructions.

 Electro Web Spider Man

Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man

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