Dr. DoomTM and his henchman BeetleTM are attacking the Daily Bugle in their speedy jet to steal Spider-Man'sTM secret identity. It's up to Spider-ManTM and NovaTM to swing in and stop them! Trigger the Daily Bugle's explosion functions to cause destruction as the jet fires missiles! Stop Dr. DoomTM from hitching the jet's anchor hook to the safe with Spider-Man's secret inside! Knock BeetleTM off the building with the swinging web attack and drop Dr. DoomTM inside with the rooftop trapdoor! Then fly NovaTM in through the broken window with the dumpster catapult function and send those villains back to where they came from. Includes Spider-ManTM, NovaTM, Dr. DoomTM, BeetleTM and J. Jonah JamesonTM with accessories and weapons.

LEGO Super Heroes Daily Bugle Showdown 76005
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